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Peg’s Yarn Barn Drawing Contest Rules and Guidelines

  1. Artwork should be black and white line drawings (pencil or black ink) of barnyard animals.  Please do not add colors at this time.
  2. Animals should be barnyard animals or animals that could be found in a barnyard to go along with the Peg’s “Yarn Barn” theme, i.e. chickens, pigs, cows, horses, dogs, cats, ducks, geese, rabbits, sheep, alpacas, goats, etc.
  3. Head shots/shoulder shots of the animals are preferred (as shown in the sample animals in the contest banner), so avoid making the full bodied animal.
  4. If you can incorporate knitting, crocheting or needlework into the drawings, it would be an added bonus to your drawings being selected for use.  If you decide to incorporate knitting, crocheting or needlework into your drawings and need to use the animal’s arms/legs in doing so, it would be acceptable to veer from just the head/shoulder shot of the animals.  Making a knitted or crocheted hat on the animals would be great as well.
  5. You can submit as many different drawings as you’d like.  Each drawing will be considered separately in the contest.
  6. Drawings must be submitted no later than midnight on December 31, 2017.  The contest winner will be selected on January 15, 2018 and the winner will be announced and notified by January 20, 2018.
  7. The winner will receive a $25.00 cash prize along with a featured artist web page on
  8. Each artist’s artwork, once submitted, will become the sole property and used at the discretion of Peg’s Yarn Barn with credit given to the artist as the originator and with no compensation due to the artist.
  9. Drawings should be sent in a .jpg , .eps or .png format to  If you are unable to export your drawings into one of these formats, your original drawings can be mailed to:  Peggy Harris, 3107 NC 56 HWY E, Louisburg, NC  27549.
  10. Questions regarding these rules and guidelines can be sent by email to or you may call at (919)497-7971.

Thank you so much for your participation.  I am very excited to see your creations!